Manifold Advisory

Grow in the face of technology disruption.

Manifold's asset-based advisory practice helps enterprise organizations grow, with better cost to value than large, people dependent advisory firms, focused boutiques, or inflexible software solutions.

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Grow margins with productivity enhancing technologies and solutions.
Expand growth prospects through new product identification, validation, and go-to-market.
Rapidly capture results with agile development and program management.

Manifold has been privileged to work with some of the best companies in the world on their growth initiatives

The Manifold Advisory Difference

Consultants That Do

Manifold is staffed with a results-oriented blend of “think and do” consultants, business operators, and start-up founders that iterate with you to find the optimal path.

Deep Experience

Manifold Advisory SMEs leverage 20+ years of experience to zero in on key problems, relevant solutions, and pragmatic delivery approaches.

Faster Time to Value

Manifold's data, analytics and software assets provide better business insights, while our program management and agile development practices accelerate delivery.

As a Service

Delivery platform to engage with our clients for Q&A, expert dialogues, analysis insights and solutions delivery progress.

Flexible Model

Because our north star is asset value creation, we can structure engagements in numerous ways - engagement fees, monthly “as a service” payments to manage costs, or even co-investment/IP transfer models.

End-to-end, front office solutions.

Multidisciplinary, hands-on teams work with you to accelerate growth and margin results.

Expand Your Growth Prospects

Growth Assessment

Surface white space opportunities to build new ventures and transform the customer experience.

New Product Development

Bring new internal & external tech solutions to market, iterating to product-market fit and rapid scale.

Growth Portfolio Design and Monitoring

Create a portfolio of tech-enabled opportunities to buy or build, optimized for your risk/reward profile. Monitor and maximize growth investment performance over time.

The Manifold Growth Ventures Platform

Maximize returns by building your own platform of venture capital / incubator capabilities designed to de-risk and scale growth portfolios and initiatives.

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Design to Expand Margin

Productivity Assessment

Go beyond reducing expenses, finding ways to use technology to impact productivity and improve margins.

Operations and Organization

Reimagine future state processes and workflows to capitalize on technology advances. Find the resources, incentives & structures to maximize adoption.

Digital Transformation

Design an optimal digital architecture to manage the complexities of your business. Find the optimal mix of custom vs. vended solutions to match  budget and speed to market goals.

Data and Analytics

Design and apply advanced data and analytics techniques to accelerate  speed to insights, improving top and bottom line performance.

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Rapid Execution to Deliver Results

Delivery and Change Assessment

Pinpoint and remove barriers delaying  digital transformation programs, pushing them over budget and preventing timely delivery of your intended benefits.

Program Management

Leverage SME SWAT teams to run comprehensive PMO and delivery frameworks, reducing risk and increasing ROI.

Change Management

Use user centric design principles to find incremental experience improvements. Create intuitive interfaces that minimize training and increase adoption.

Solution Development

Accelerate high quality builds and reduce maintenance and reliability risks.

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Insights you can use, starting now.

Quick start engagements to help your company navigate COVID-19.
Monitor markets, take actions to digitize your business and assess product positioning.

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