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Building the next wave of great companies.

Manifold Studios is an Incubator & Accelerator helping exceptional founders, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators build the tracks for growth and success.

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Early-stage companies face a myriad of obstacles in the way of growth. Often cash constrained and backlogged, they lack the resources needed to clear the way forward to capture meaningful value at the most critical times.

Unlike most pre-seed startups, our studio teams can bring to bear the full breadth and depth of skills required for success right from the start. We support you with access to a deep bench of world-class talent who work alongside you in addition to providing advisory services. Equally valuable is the community of like-minded founders on a similar journey that you will join. You will also have access to introductions through Manifold’s corporate innovation and venture portfolios

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Startups are our DNA. We’ve incubated 8 companies and accelerated countless others on their path to growth.

"Since joining the Manifold portfolio and (in all honesty) family, the immediacy of support in all aspects of Cora's business is astonishing. I had anticipated some support in fundraising and general business guidance, but it's clear that Manifold's unique hands-on, welcomed approach in providing expertise and direct digital product work will ensure the success of our team, brand, revenues, digital product – and substantial increases in our eventual exit valuation. The Manifold team is smart, no-nonsense and unrelenting in supporting my success."