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IoT at Scale: The creator of Disney MagicBands

Episode 13

Many organizations talk about improving customer experience as one of their primary innovation initiatives.

But what does it look like to create a truly transformative experience that is orders of magnitude better than anything else out there, and to do so at scale?

My guest today is John Padgett. John is the Chief Experience and Innovation Officer at the Carnival Corporation, and his team has created arguably the most complex and successful implementation of an IoT driven guest experience platform in the world with the Ocean Medallion. Carnival was named one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company due to the work John and his team have done.

He was also one of the masterminds behind the Disney MagicBand and FastPass Plus experiences, which completely transformed the way guests experience The Walt Disney World resort.

In this episode we dig into how John thinks about creating the vision for such massive undertakings and the tools he’s used to successfully drive disruptive innovation.

The vision he’s created to provide a truly personalized, adaptive one to one experience at scale is pretty incredible, and I think you’ll find the conversation fascinating.