The Manifold Difference

Our platform provides a flywheel for early stage value creation, combining the best of venture, studio incubation, and corporate advisory.

Expert Team

The Manifold team has decades of experience as entrepreneurs, P&L operators, advisory partners, and venture capitalists, including Kellogg and HBS professors.

Organizational Design

Our shared service model is designed from the ground up to maximize speed and agility of execution.

Truly end to end

Manifold participates across the entire lifecycle: concept & validation; strategy & insights; R&D and product build; growth and optimization; and through liquidity where appropriate.

Active involvement

Manifold’s full time team of data scientists, product designers, engineers, marketers, and strategists directly engage with clients, portfolio, and incubated companies to accelerate growth and enhance value.

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The Disruptors Podcast

In our third season of The Disruptors Podcast, we explore the challenges and opportunities facing innovators on the road to breakthrough growth in the new economy.

Featured Webinar

Practical Sustainability: An Emerging Paradigm in 2022

In this webinar, Corey Glickman, VP and Head of Sustainability and Design Consulting Services at Infosys, will discuss the trends, benefits, and obstacles driving the adoption of practical sustainability as well as highlight the competitive advantages of applied systems design.

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Learn what the Manifold difference can mean for you.

For Talent

A unique opportunity to rapidly grow, with small enough teams to make a tangible impact.

Careers @ Manifold

For Investors

Improved early stage value creation, with the ability to actively influence outcomes.

Ventures @ Manifold

For Enterprises

Rapidly identify and execute on opportunities to adapt and grow.

Advisory @ Manifold

For Entrepreneurs

Critical funding, talent, and expertise to help create and grow your company.

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