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Innovation in insurance, managed marketplaces, and taking the startup plunge

Episode 20

Many of the students in my class at Kellogg come from the world of big consulting, but have been bitten by the startup bug.

But how do you successfully leave the relatively stable, comfortable, prestigious walls of corporate America and successfully launch your new venture?

My guest is Jennifer Fitzgerald, and after helping financial services organizations as a consultant at McKinsey, she are her colleague took the plunge to start Policygenius, an online managed marketplace for insurance.

In this episode we discuss the genesis of Policygenius, how she systematically de-risked the idea early on, how she managed to build both sides of her marketplace business without heavy reliance on paid acquisition, and much more.

We also get into her advice for folks lookin to take the plunge themselves, strategies for executing at a high level, for recruiting early team members, and for leveling up yourself as your organization starts to scale.