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Tackling infertility

Episode 42

Nearly 1 in 6 adults struggle with some form of infertility. And yet while the pregnancy journey is pretty well defined and understood, the process of conceiving is not. It is full of misinformation, often magnifies the feelings of shame, inadequacy, and loneliness that many people already are struggling with, and starts from the incorrect premise that infertility is a woman’s health issue. In short the process is an opaque, emotionally-taxing nightmare for millions of men and women. Lauren Berson Sugarman is trying to change that. An accomplished senior executive and former Venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, Lauren has set out to make the make the process of navigating infertility simpler, more empathic, and ultimately more effective. Lauren is the founder of Conceive, a health tech startup bringing community, coaching and education together to influence infertility outcomes. In this conversation we discuss the origins of Conceive, what Lauren learned about building effective communities from her previous experience, dig into some of the biggest misconceptions about infertility, and how Conceive is helping solve these issues.

Learn more about Conceive here: https://weconceive.comFollow Lauren on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaurenBerson