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The foldable house breaking crowdfunding records

Episode 41

While most industries have already realized the benefits of assembly-line-based, automated manufacturing processes, home building continues to be slow, built one-at-a-time, using largely the same materials we’ve used for decades.Boxabl is looking to change that. By creating a factory borrowing from many of the principles of automotive manufacturing, Boxabl has created a foldable house that can be manufactured in a day and assembled on-site in around an hour. They are fireproof, water-proof, energy efficient, and modular, eventually allowing for infinite customization.Boxabl has managed to raise over $100 million primarily through their crowd-funded model, and their customers include the Department of Defense and Elon Musk.In this conversation we chat with Galiano Tiramani, cofounder of Boxabl. We discuss the origins of the company, why building a foldable house was essential to scale, how they rapidly iterated on the product, how they’ve navigated building codes and compliance issues, how they plan to scale internationally and much more. Learn more about Boxabl and view their offering circular here: https://invest.boxabl.com/