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Digital Health Investments: Addressing Patient Pain Points and Enhancing Healthcare Delivery

By: Michael Korslin

Digital health investments are projected to reach a valuation of $15 billion to $25 billion in 2023. 

With technology giants and retail companies increasingly making inroads into the healthcare industry, health systems are under mounting pressure to prioritize investments in digital health solutions that can deliver value and tackle long-standing challenges within the healthcare system.

For the next installment of the Healthcare Pulse Speaker Series, host Michael Korslin welcomes Dennis Depenbusch, Director of New Ventures Initiative at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. Dennis oversees the development and strategic investment of a $50 million venture capital fund and has demonstrated a talent for executing strategic plans that drive revenue and deliver strong returns for investors and stakeholders.

Together they will discuss the most impactful ways to invest in patients for the long term, dive into BCBS KS’s investment approach for digital health products, and explore how payers will play an increasingly important role in investing in technologies that address patient pain points and enhance healthcare delivery as the industry continues to evolve.