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Driving Organizational Change with Your Digital Transformation Program

John Sviokla

Digital transformation has always been a hard target for organizations to nail down. The process is never straightforward and can vary based on size, goals, internal structure, and success criteria. Internal and external variables constantly change, adding another layer of complexity to the process. This can lead to confusion and frustration before the process has even begun.

In this webinar, host John Sviokla welcomes Sarah Grooms, Senior Vice President at Wintrust Financial Corporation. Sarah has seen an extensive amount of change in her 20+ year career in finance, and now leads large-scale change and transformation efforts across the $55B publicly traded financial services holding company. 

Together they will discuss the core tenants of digital transformation and how you can bring change to your organization regardless of the variables or noise outside of your control, as well as the trends and innovations she sees happening in 2023 and beyond.