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Innovation in Learning: The Revolutionary Impact of AI on Education

Joe Dwyer
Founding Partner

Artificial intelligence has made its way into the education sector, and its potential to transform the learning experience is enormous. Large language models and AI technology offer a wide range of possibilities and some incredible opportunities for both students and teachers. This month, we’ll be joined by Catrina Mitchum, an Associate Adjunct Professor and instructional designer, as well as Wilson Tsu, CEO & Founder of PowerNotes, an edtech platform uniquely positioned to address AI’s place in the modern classroom.

This webinar dove into the latest developments in AI, their impact on education, and the challenges and considerations that come with integrating AI into the classroom. They explored the potential impact of AI on student learning, policy, academic research, writing instruction, ethics, and more! 

Catrina elaborates on how educators can approach and incorporate AI effectively while still preserving the individual voice of students, among other teacher-to-teacher pro tips.

More about the speakers:

Wilson Tsu: Wilson Tsu founded PowerNotes in 2016 based on his experience with digital research and writing in law and business school while in Northwestern University’s joint JD/MBA program during the mid-2000s. This experience contrasted with his print research and writing training while attending Cornell University in the mid-’90s when he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering. His current position as an education startup founder and entrepreneur has been the most enjoyable and rewarding of his life. He has also practiced law at Kirkland & Ellis and was an engineer for several years at IBM.  

Catrina Mitchum: Dr. Catrina Mitchum is currently Adjunct Associate Professor with University of Maryland Global Campus. She has been designing and teaching college-level online writing courses since 2009, and online only since 2010. Her research interests are in the design/delivery of online writing classes, assessment, and teaching with technology. She was awarded, with other scholars, the CCCC Research Initiative Grant in 2018 and a Digital Learning Tech Seed Grant in 2021. She’s been awarded various teaching awards including