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Innovation in Software Development: AI and The Rise of Low Code and Super Apps

John Sviokla

In a digitally transforming business landscape, time-consuming, resource-intensive hand coding is no longer responsive. 

With the increasing demand for business applications and the proliferating worldwide shortage of software developers, the need for low-code and no-code platforms is on the rise.

Low-code/no-code is a visual, low-barrier approach to software development. Users can design, build, and launch enterprise-level applications with little to no technical coding knowledge. As a result, businesses are turning to low-code no-code platforms to make fast and strategic software solutions in the face of today's ever-evolving technology demands. 

In this webinar, host John Sviokla and Dan Bricklin, Chief Technology Officer of Alpha Software Corporation and President of Software Garden Inc., sat down to discuss groundbreaking innovations happening in the software development space. Specifically, they will unpack:

  • The next five years of low-code/no-code development platforms
  • The rise of super apps
  • How AI is impacting the future of software development

Speaker Bio:

Dan Bricklin is the CTO of Alpha Software Corporation, he helps create products that make it easier for business people to build mobile applications. He is also president of Software Garden Inc., a small consulting firm and developer of software applications he founded in 1985. In the past, Bricklin was cofounder of pen computer application developer Slate Corporation and founder of website builder developer Trellix Corporation.

Bricklin is best known for co-developing VisiCalc, the pioneering electronic spreadsheet, while he was a student at the Harvard Business School. VisiCalc, co-developed with his friend Bob Frankston whom he met at MIT, is widely credited for fueling the rapid growth of the personal computer industry.