AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence

Driving strategic direction by quickly capturing competitive intelligence for a Big 4 accounting firm

//The Challenge

A global professional services network, and Big 4 accounting firm was interested in understanding their competitive landscape in three key areas: HR hiring trends among its largest competitors, cyber risk, and emerging technologies. There was plenty of market data available but drawing meaningful insight from disparate, unstructured data was a challenge for the client since the firm didn’t have the internal expertise or resources to make order of the data.

Service Line:

Digital Transformation & IT Strategy


Professional Services


North America


Provide data-driven insights around market landscape


Focus on questions that needed answering and leverage AI to quickly capture and analyze data


Discovery of emerging trends and complex market network effects

//The Solution

Manifold showed the client how efficiently they could analyze the data and illustrate the severity of their problem with Speciate, a new-to-market competitive intelligence and market landscape monitoring solution that helps companies turn threats of disruptive hard science and digital technologies into opportunities. Whereas one analyst can look at 50 sites in one day, Speciate can analyze the equivalent of 1.5-2M websites in less than a day all while unearthing greater insights.

The project kicked off with a series of meetings to better understand the questions that the client was interested in answering. Based on these questions, the team created an initial proprietary ontology–a network of meaningful keywords, phrases, and topics–that was the basis for Speciate’s first scan of unstructured data. This data was analyzed and the ontology refined for the subsequent scan. By focusing on two metrics – Acceleration and Importance – Manifold uncovered areas of opportunity for client focus in their competitive landscape.

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//The Results

In one month, Manifold delivered a final presentation deck with four final landscapes which provided decision-makers with unparalleled, data-driven insights about the competition. The team was able to deliver the project so quickly because of Speciate’s ability to scan vast amounts of unstructured data and uncover a breadth of insights that other providers can’t. With these landscapes, the client now has insight into new market trends, can ID white space/investment areas and can pinpoint unmet customer needs.

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