Elevating an Improved Sales Journey

Improving and elevating a global professional services network’s brand and sales journey

//The Challenge

A global professional services network and Big 4 accounting organization turned to Manifold to help them revamp their sales materials and process for selling AI-enabled solutions. The collateral and the design language were fraught with inconsistencies. Presentation slides were overly complicated, and early-stage sales demos were complex and not developed with the buyer in mind. As a result, many consultants were missing potential cross-sell or up-sell opportunities because they were either not aware of the solution or couldn’t speak to the solution due to the lack of quality sales tools. This led to a disjointed, unprofessional sales journey.

Service Line:

Customer Experience


Professional Services


North America


Improve the sales journey


Redefine the materials prospects need to convert


Continuity throughout the sales journey via a shared design language

//The Solution

With a longstanding and trusted partnership already in place, the organization turned to Manifold to help drive alignment with the firm’s partners on the key stages of the sales journey, distilling the core activities and collateral of impact.

Manifold began the engagement by exploring the problem with stakeholders, conducting exploratory interviews and journey mapping the sales across various disciplines. Manifold also audited sales materials and executed a current state assessment.

With a solid understanding of the problem, the team set out to develop new strategies and tactics to improve the sales journey. To level-up collateral and sales materials, they created style scapes and mood boards in addition to new style guidelines, which informed a redesigned book of slides and new collateral.

They also developed a new UI kit and clickable interactive prototypes to be used in demo environments to make it easy for prospects to understand the solution while ensuring that any consultant could deliver the demo, regardless of expertise.

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//The Results

As a result of the project, Manifold created continuity throughout the sales journey via a shared design language. The elevated look and feel of branded material and collateral enabled a new, user-friendly demo experience which demonstrated the power of AI as an aid in Cognitive Contract Management. Finally, they provided a roadmap for future improvement and evolution.

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