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Elevating a customer service offering for a national supplier of diabetes equipment and supplies to home care patients

//The Challenge

A national supplier of diabetes equipment and supplies to home care patients lacked the data infrastructure to identify and resolve the root causes associated with some alarming KPIs. The KPIs signaled an issue with customer experience, but without a data infrastructure, they couldn’t explain why 
the metrics were as they were. The KPIs included:

Service Line:

Digital Transformation & IT Strategy




North America


Improve the Customer Experience


Leverage data and analytics to understand points of failure and opportunities for improvement in the customer experience


Expected decrease in cycle time along with increased conversion rates and Net Promoter Scores

//The Solution

Given the lack of infrastructure, Manifold structured the project plan and helped engineer the Program Management Office (PMO). The project plan, custom built for the client, included the creation of customer-facing KPIs and dashboards and value stream mapping that identified process inefficiencies and KPI sub-performance. In addition, Manifold conducted employee, customer, and competitor customer interviews to understand the voice of the customer with respect to pain points, preferences, and more.

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As relevant data and key customer insights started flowing, Manifold was able to quickly devise a number of solutions to capture value in leaking areas and enhance the customer experience that directly addressed sub-performing KPIs. Among the primary experiences engineered was a web portal that enhanced status transparency and allowed for simple reordering. The other solutions that Manifold developed include:

  • Automated referral intake
  • Automated insurance verification
  • EMR integrations and automated documentation management
  • Patient web/mobile portal for status transparency and reorders
  • Patient payment processing
  • Order queuing and routing

Additionally, Manifold helped the client coordinate internal and contracted external resources to complete other work streams.

//The Results

As a result of this engagement, the client is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Decrease in cycle time
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Decrease in call center volumes
  • Increase in Net Promoter Scores

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