Improving a Manufacturer's System Solutions

How a food and beverage manufacturer improved its systems solutions and processes to support its growth strategy

//The Challenge

Like many quickly growing companies, a small food and beverage manufacturer was using a series of different systems, including rudimentary, general-purpose tools (e.g. Excel) and specialized systems inherited from its Fortune 500 parent company. Leaders knew that they needed a more sustainable ERP solution but didn’t have the technology knowledge or experience to align stakeholders in a complex organizational structure around a project of this size. In addition, they didn’t have the capacity to conduct the search, vet solutions or implement the technology.

The company faced many competing priorities but since it was building a new manufacturing plant, this project was mission-critical. Due to operational, financial, and regulatory reasons, as well as the complex nature between the company and its parent company, the robust systems needed to be implemented prior to the plant going live.

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//The Solution

The manufacturer knew that they needed to partner with a firm that had experience working for high-growth companies but also could help navigate the large, organizational environment of the parent company. They chose to partner with Manifold because of the firm’s venture DNA; Unlike other firms, Manifold had experience working with both startups and enterprise clients. In addition, the price was more approachable for a startup budget.

The engagement began with subject matter expert interviews and steering committee meetings with the client’s executives and C-Suite leadership. These meetings continued weekly to keep the project on track, discuss status and identify roadblocks and issues.

The ERP selection project leveraged the technical expertise of the Manifold team. It included mapping processes across several functions, including procurement, invoicing, inventory management, logistics, manufacturing, HR, S&OP, sales, etc. The team reviewed internal documentation and analyzed the client’s data. They identified roles and responsibilities within current processes and conducted interviews with process owners and other key stakeholders to map end-to-end processes for standard and special scenarios. Following the interviews, Manifold experts identified must-have and nice-to-have system features, scoring system alternatives based on must-have features and guiding principles. They also identified and scored ancillary systems to cover gaps in must-have features.

With a new system strategy and architecture developed, they aligned with key stakeholders to ensure a seamless systems implementation. Due to the complexity of the parent company’s organization, Manifold’s expertise in aligning teams was critical, ensuring the project timeline stayed on track and the right people were involved. To track and report progress, surface risk, and manage delivery issues, Manifold structured and implemented an enterprise PMO governance structure.

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//The Results

Through partnership with Manifold, the ERP selection project and the systems implementation PMO project were completed on time and on budget, resulting in streamlined processes which will drive company agility to support faster growth. In short, the manufacturer now has the processes and systems to support their growth strategy in a scalable, robust, and cost-efficient manner.

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