Improving FinServ Customer Experiences

Aligning development teams for a regional financial services institution to improve the customer experience

//The Challenge

Executives at a regional financial services institution knew that the business needed a digital transformation. The company had scaled considerably over the last five years, growing customers’ assets by roughly 200%. But, its IT investment didn’t grow in parallel. In fact, IT spend was just 50% of the industry average and, as a result, its technology infrastructure was outdated. The customer experience was suffering, with new customers waiting unnecessarily long times for onboarding and varying experiences across the institution’s 75 branches, all while the company’s product basket and efficiency ratio were underperforming.

Service Line:

Customer Experience


Financial Services


North America


Drive revenue and improve efficiency


Align development team around executive objectives to ensure IT success


A program management playbook and prioritized epics to guide digital transformation work

//The Solution

Based on a strong recommendation, executives at the bank reached out to Manifold, knowing that the firm was uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end digital transformation advisory services to improve the customer experience. The IT executives were impressed by Manifold’s innovative and agile approach, financial services expertise and multi-disciplinary team.

In partnership with PwC, Manifold first developed a technology roadmap based on deep learning and discovery with executives and subject matter experts to uncover opportunities for improvement. Leveraging their experience in change management and agile development, Manifold also created a PMO playbook to outline the process plan for implementing the solution.

Discovery began with executive white boarding sessions and branch visits to identify key pain points in the current processes, from both employee and customer perspectives. A future state design thinking workshop with executives and subject matter experts helped identify a list of possible solutions and a data set of corresponding capabilities required to address current pain points and future solutions. Workshops were then completed to confirm the data set captured all of the input. In addition, subject matter interviews helped identify the current process flow by product type to identify steps and technology applications requiring improvements.

Weekly sessions with the client to discuss PMO best practices helped Manifold align stakeholders for future success. Manifold also delivered a prioritized list of epics to ensure the development team was working in lock-step with the objectives of the greater team. In doing so, the client could not only achieve quick wins, but also streamline front-to-back operations and processes.

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//The Results

By building trust across the organization and creating an agile process plan for implementing new technology solutions, Manifold successfully aligned the regional financial services institution around an IT roadmap to transform the customer experience. With a PMO playbook and prioritized list of epics, the client can focus on bringing its next generation of IT services to life, which will increase product basket and improve the consistency and quality of service for customers.

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