Switching EMR Vendors

How a leading specialty hospital company switched EMR vendors and expects to save millions as a result

//The Challenge

A growing specialty hospital company was concerned that it was outgrowing its homegrown EMR solution. The solution was initially built for a specific care setting, but as the company expanded into other settings the customization required to meet regulatory, patient safety and customer experience requirements began to be too onerous.

The system was antiquated so if the system went down, the recovery time required multiple days and additional FTEs to retrieve data. And, due to the age and proprietary nature of the platform, additional staffing was required for ongoing development, support, and implementation. Finally, the solution was missing key features which impacted the clinical viability and health and safety (e.g.Cures Act, Bar Code Medication Administration, and decision support intelligence).

Service Line:

Change Solutions




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Ensure the best EMR vendor selection


Assemble a multidisciplinary team of experts to conduct vendor evaluations


New vendor selected which will save company double-digit millions over a 5-year period

//The Solution

The hospital company selected Manifold to help evaluate and select an EMR vendor based on pre-existing relationships, trust, and a long track record of successful delivery.

To start, Manifold assembled a multidisciplinary team that included consultants with both deep management consulting and healthcare provider IT experience, as well as others with frontline clinical experience. The team refined the vendor list to include three prospects and the incumbent. Manifold then developed a rigorous selection process, including creating clinical and technical scorecards against which to measure each vendor’s EMR solution. This strategy allowed the client to focus on the most critical components of an EMR.

The four evaluation pillars were:

  • Clinical: How does vendor selection empower clinicians to deliver better patient outcomes?
  • Technical: What are the long-term and short-term costs associated with implementing the vendor’s solution?
  • Financial: How does the vendor’s technology solution with ScionHealth’s current infrastructure?
  • Timeline: What is the vendor’s timeline for planning and roll-out of the new EMR?

Manifold joined the hospital’s leadership in meeting with the vendors. Leveraging best practice and the hospital’s clinical informaticists, each vendor was measured against the pillars. All participants, including senior leadership, scored each vendor during meetings. The tabulated scores provided the client with all the facts needed to select their future EMR vendor.

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//The Results

The hospital company selected its preferred solution, an out-of-the-box solution that combines a feature-rich, intuitive EHR that fits across their care settings. In the meantime, the company has eliminated all additional and future development spending with the current system and expects to save $30M+ over the next 4-5 years.

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