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A New Era for Medicaid: Harnessing Innovation for Transformative Care

By: Michael Korslin

Serving as the nation's principal insurer, Medicaid covers one in five Americans, including millions of low-income individuals who could significantly benefit from technology-enabled innovation. However, there remains a substantial gap in digital health tools specifically designed to meet the needs of these low-income patients.

While the private sector has fervently engaged in the development and implementation of health technologies, Medicaid programs have not seen the same level of technology investment. With most Medicaid beneficiaries equipped with technology and receptive to digital health, there is a vast, untapped potential to dramatically enhance care and health equity. By accelerating the adoption of innovative technologies, we can improve access to comprehensive, quality, and cost-effective care for Medicaid enrollees.

In this webinar host Michael Korslin welcomed Adimika Arthur, the founder and executive director of HealthTech For Medicaid. Together they discussed the multifaceted challenges vulnerable populations encounter in healthcare and discuss innovative care delivery models that hold the promise of improving access, quality, and outcomes for Medicaid recipients.