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Data, AI, and the Future of Insurance

John Sviokla

Every industry is impacted by digital, machine learning, and AI, but none more so than insurance. New data platforms and new intelligence capabilities are transforming the entire space, from sign-up to claims, and payment. In this webinar, Jamie Yoder, North America President and General Manager at Sapiens, discussed the future of insurance and machine learning’s impact in revolutionizing the business model. With a new mix of people and systems doing both cognitive and physical work, Yoder provided insight into Insurtech's rapid, front-end evolution.

Throughout the industry’s drastic changes, Jamie Yoder has been at the center of this data transformation. Yoder was the former President of Snapsheet, the largest claims InsurTech founded in the last decade, and worked at PwC as the Insurance Advisory Leader. At Snapsheet, Yoder led the go-to-market activities across all business lines, including digital engagement and claims management, virtual appraisals, fleet and rental management, and Snapsheet Transactions.