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EHS On-Demand: Manifold Invests in YellowBird

Sean Johnson
Founding Partner

Manifold Group is excited to announce our investment in YellowBird, a professional services gig economy marketplace that connects organizations with skilled Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals. YellowBird enables businesses in need of certified EHS workers to locate and hire individuals as contractors, ultimately helping to reduce the risk of incidents, accidents, and loss while saving money through efficient and cost-effective engagements. YellowBird is providing access to affordable services and professionals that businesses need with on-demand and scalable nationwide coverage.

“YellowBird is bringing monumental change to the EHS landscape with their intelligent and scalable solution, which will have profound effects on how businesses efficiently address OSHA requirements. All of us at Manifold are excited to join founders Michael B. Zalle and Michelle Tinsley on their journey to help build the future of EHS.” – Brett Klein, Partner

YellowBird’s founders – Michael B. Zalle, CEO and Michelle Tinsely, COO – have over 25 years of tech experience spanning multiple areas offering incredible and diverse insights. Both Michael and Michelle are seasoned operators and strong leaders, with meaningful experience in EHS, insurance, risk, and people operations. YellowBird is a certified Disability Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE) by DisabilityIN – Michael is a lifelong member and mentor of kids with physical challenges for the Amputee Coalition of America.

Businesses around the globe have environmental, health, and safety needs. The insurance and manufacturing sectors are often presented with unique challenges, which can make managing OSHA requirements inefficient and fragmented. YellowBird’s tech-first platform allows companies to post gigs they need to fill and get matched with professionals that suit specific needs, required skills, certifications, and locations. The platform also facilitates management, scheduling, communication, and billing, allowing companies to efficiently partner with the professionals they need.

“EHS is a large and growing market, especially within the insurance and manufacturing sectors. It’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure they provide a safe workplace for their employees while reducing claims and financial loss as much as possible. Some of this workplace safety is required by law, but it is also smart to mitigate loss and keep insurance premiums down.” – Brett Klein, Partner

The global EHS market is expected to grow to $8.9 billion by 2026, while the gig economy is expanding much faster than the U.S. economy as a whole. In 2020, 2 million new gig workers emerged in the United States alone, adding to the 1.1 billion on-demand gig workers worldwide.