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How Video Games are Transforming Healthcare

Sean Johnson
Founding Partner

Video games have obviously taken the world by storm. But when most people think of video games they think of something folks do as purely entertainment, with little practical value to their lives. But the promise of games goes way beyond mere distraction - the modalities and mechanics of games can actually be used to develop skills in ways that would be impossible to acquire otherwise.

My guest today is Sam Glassenberg, and after earning his stripes as a game developer at LucasArts and Microsoft, he stumbled almost by accident upon an opportunity to help doctors become much better at their jobs. The result was Level Ex, a gaming company that helps surgeons and other physicians improve through simulations of real world medical situations. Today he has over 500,000 medical professionals playing his games regularly. In this episode we discuss the origins of Level Ex, how Sam things about game mechanics to drive user adoption, why these types of games offer unique advantages in terms of user adoption and monetization, the future of VR and much more.

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