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How X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory, pursues innovations

Sean Johnson
Founding Partner

For most organizations working on innovation, their emphasis is on incremental, horizon one types of initiatives. Far less common are truly disruptive, moonshot initiatives that can transform industries if successful.

My guest today is Kathy Hannun, and for 7 years she was a product manager for the rapid evaluation team at Google[X], tasked with product development and diligence for their biggest moonshot initiatives.

One of those initiatives she eventually spun out into Dandelion Energy, a home geothermal company where she now serves as CEO. Kathy was recently named one of Fast Company's most creative people.

In this conversation we discuss what Kathy learned during her time at X,  and how organizations can be more successful with disruptive technology. We also get into detail on Dandelion and the massive opportunity geothermal presents in changing the way we heat our homes.