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Innovative Networking from Silicon Valley's Most Connected Woman

John Sviokla

Over her unique 25 year career in the Bay Area, Ellen Levy, deemed the "Most Connected Woman in Silicon Valley" has held roles in ventures, universities, large companies, technology think tanks and startups.

Ellen is currently the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Connect, where she works with organizations and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and the rest of the world through relationship building, technology, and a unique global perspective. In addition to her work at SVC, Ellen is an active investor in and advisor to several dozen startup companies. 

Prior to her work at SVC, she spent nearly a decade working with LinkedIn as Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy and member of the executive team following her original role as advisory board member when the company was first founded. 

Levy now focuses on topics associated with dynamic, rapidly-growing startups; including the "future of work," on social networks regarding “social productivity” and the “consumerization of enterprise”, and on developing innovation ecosystems and supporting organizational models to empower the underserved.