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Introducing the Manifold Growth Playbooks

Sean Johnson
Founding Partner

Growth is not about tactics, it’s about process. But that doesn’t mean tactics aren’t useful.

For the last 6 months, the growth team at Manifold has been working on cataloging and compiling a bunch of the tactics and strategies that they use each day to help clients get traction.

The result is the Manifold Growth Playbooks––it’s over 100 pages of practical, hands on advice that any startup can use to start getting customers. And we’re making them all available free.

The playbooks cover a ton of ground:

  • An introduction to what differentiates a growth team from a marketing team.
  • How to execute across each stage of the customer funnel.
  • How to model growth.
  • How to study competitors to shortcut your effectiveness.
  • How to estimate demand and effectiveness for different channels.
  • How to improve organic search rankings.
  • How to leverage paid promotion scalably and cost-effectively amplify content and acquire users.
  • How to generate and nurture leads organically
  • How to create and distribute high quality content

The playbooks also include all the spreadsheets, formulas and charts the team uses to complete and evaluate their growth tests. I’m really proud of the team for the tremendous amount of time they put into bringing these together - this is 100% the result of their insight and hard work.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the playbooks - how we can make them better, what we’re missing. The hope is to keep evolving them over time as platforms and strategies change.

You can download your free copy here. We hope you find them useful!