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Paving the Way for Veterinary Professionals: Manifold's Investment in Talkatoo

Sean Johnson
Founding Partner

Manifold Group is excited to announce our investment in Talkatoo, the leading dictation software for animal health professionals. Talkatoo’s speech-to-text dictation solution embraces artificial intelligence and a built-in medical dictionary to relieve veterinary professionals of tedious medical record transcription. Their technology can save up to three hours of time daily for veterinary professionals. 

“Manifold is excited to be a part of Talkatoo’s journey. Shawn and the entire Talkatoo team have showcased an appetite for disruptive innovation, and we look forward to the wonders and progress they’ll make in streamlining the day-to-day for veterinary professionals.” – Brett Klein, Partner

Our interest in Talkatoo cascaded after early conversations in February with CEO Shawn Wilkie, a former leading reseller of veterinarian software. Shawn described to us firsthand how current vendors deprioritize the veterinarian experience in favor of large systems with big checkbooks. Shawn’s thoughtful approach to building the business and efficient go-to-market strategy are what sold us on Talkatoo. The professionals within the animal health sector have significant unmet tech needs, and Talkatoo aims to meet those needs head on.

In the United States, 90 million homes own a pet, a 5.6 million increase from the year prior. Investors have already allocated $1.1 billion to date and are on pace to surpass 2019’s recent high water market. The current, dated solutions lock-in animal health professionals and have decreased the incentive to innovate.

Existing solutions for animal health professionals have locked them into mundane workflows that are inefficient, frustrating, and leading to 74% of veterinarians worrying about burn out.

Our decision to invest came from more than promising diligence. We saw the dual economic potential and efficiency that a game-changing software and driven team could provide to a lacking industry, one that has been underserved and bogged down by legacy systems for too long.

“We imagined and embraced a future where Talkatoo revolutionizes the quality of patient care that veterinary professionals are able to provide by eliminating the mundane process of medical record transcription.” – Brett Klein, Partner

Talkatoo’s software provides affordability, interoperability, and end user delight that legacy healthcare systems have ignored. Talkatoo’s product market fit has been demonstrated by one-person ambulatory practices all the way to large animal health systems.

Let’s forge the future together. Reach out to us at inquire@manifold.group to learn more about our investment approach.