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The Future of Healthcare in a Post-COVID World

John Sviokla

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitalizations in the U.S. hit a record 125,544 people (Covid Tracking Project). While the pandemic strained hospital systems, doctors, and essential workers in unimaginable ways, it proved to plant the seeds for an accelerated industry shift. In this webinar, Dr. Stephen Kahane, MD, former president at athenahealth, discussed the healthcare sector’s valuable lessons learned from the pandemic, and explored how technology has played a vital role in reshaping the industry on the other side. With extensive work in private equity and venture capital, Dr. Kahane brings a wealth of experience across both the healthcare and technology spaces — providing a unique perspective on how both industries will continue to drive change post-COVID.

Dr. Stephen Kahane, MD is the former Executive Vice President and President of Client Organization at athenahealth, where he spent eight years growing revenue from $250m to over $1.3B. Previously, Dr. Kahane was the chairman and CEO of AMICAS, Inc. — an image and information management company — VitalWorks Inc, and Datamedic Holding Corporation. Today, Dr. Kahane serves on the Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins School of Engineering and is an executive advisor for a range of telehealth firms.