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The Future of Hybrid Work: Next Generation Workflows

John Sviokla

The past year has brought about lasting shifts in how we define our workspace. With the sudden reliance on digital tools and platforms to support work-from-home practices during the pandemic, COVID-19 has reshaped the notion of ‘workplace’ and what it takes to work effectively. Even so, the response is widely varied among companies grappling with how to motivate their workforce coming out of the pandemic. For some, a hybrid model is key, while others are choosing to go fully remote, and others back to the office full-time.

In this webinar, Ross Mayfield, Product Lead of Integrations at Zoom, discussed how digital and physical play a role in reimagining next-generation workflows post-pandemic. He broke down how product functionality in new, next-generation platforms will fuel a reimagined workplace, which will unveil deeper opportunities for collaboration and development than ever before. As the former Vice President of SlideShare and Co-Founder of Pingpad, Ross brings a wealth of experience in transformational shifts shaping workplace trends.