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The Quantified Self and its Impact on the Future of Healthcare

John Sviokla

The Quantified Self is defined as a movement that allows individuals to measure, track, and quantify biometrics in a holistic fashion — with the capability to one day move from sick care to proactive care. And with the rise in digital health tools available to self-track and analyze your body’s data, the quantified self enables individuals to make informed decisions around taking control of their health.

In this webinar, Larry Smarr, a physicist and leader in scientific computing, discussed how charting bodily inputs and outputs in minute detail will alter the future of healthcare from the outside-in. Larry broke down how the Quantified Self impacts healthcare providers and insurers while providing contextual evidence for how individual behavior changes can upend the industry as a whole. Larry pulled from his acclaimed work and personal tracking research to reveal the true ecology of the quantified self and its implications for healthcare’s future.